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Zamknij Polityka Prywatności

Dear student,

Please find the relevant application documents for 2009/2010 year:

1.Student application Form   
2.Learning Agreement  
3.Accomodation Form
4.EILC application form 

How to apply for Erasmus place

1. Please fill in the Student Application Form. We would be most grateful if you could use a computer to fill out the forms (it is sometimes very difficult to decipher some students' handwriting ). The application must be signed and sealed by your Erasmus coordinator.

2. Please enclose a proposed study program using the MU Learning Agreement (or your home Learning Agreement form). The study program must be approved by your home Erasmus coordinator. You will find an overview of the courses 2009/2010  at:

3. Please fill in Accomodation Form - we are able to offer a room (mostly double room) in our dormitory.

4. If you want to learn Polish  before the start of your study you can apply for EILC (Erasmus Intensive Language Course.  The participants will not pay any tuition fee. However they have to cover the costs of subsistence and accommodation. The home institution or home National Agency may award a supplementary Erasmus grant for the duration of the course.

You have to fill in the EILC application form.
Please, submit your application form (in the electronic form, Word format) to your home university's Erasmus Office. Your application has to be FORWARDED by the Erasmus Office of  YOUR HOME university to the National Erasmus Agency in Poland:

till 1st of June 2009

Only the applications sent by students' home universities will be accepted.

Those students who wish to participate in our 4-year MD program (medicine) might find it difficult to attend the EILC because 4-year MD program starts from September!

More info :

5..Please enclose an official Transcript of Record (a record of all courses taken and grades achieved from your home University).
Please submit your applications (Student application Form, Learning Agreement, Accomodation Form Transcript of Record )  before July 15th 2009 for the 1st semester  and the whole year December 1st  2009 for 2nd semester to:

Medical University of Łódź
International Relations Office
90-419 Łódź
Al. Kosciuszki 4, room 24

After receiving your applications we will send a Letter of Acceptance and approved study program to you.
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Us:

Wojciech Dyniak, Gracja Mecwaldowska-Domańska -  Eramsus Officers
International Relations Office
Medical University of Łódź
Tel/fax +48 (42) 631 17 03

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